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  1. 13.World Congress of Music Therapy

2011 World Congress At-A-Glance

12. World Congress of Music Therapy

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Pre-conference: Symposium of the Music Therapy Neurology Network “Towards a Shared Agenda” available at

11. World Congress of Music Therapy

Brisbane, Australia 2005

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Supporting Music Therapy Worldwide

  1. Dr. Petra Kern

  2. MT-DMtG, MT-BC, MTA

  3. Past President

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  5. If you have questions related to the 2014 World Congress of Music Therapy in Vienna/Krems, Austria, please contact Dr. Gerhard Tucek at


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Vienna/Krems, Austria

Topic: Cultural Diversity in Music Therapy Practice, Research and Education

When: July 6-12, 2014 [Note: July 6 WFMT and other meetings]

Congress Venue:

Pre-congress Institutes University for Music & Dramatic Arts, Vienna

Congress Sessions: Campus Krems/IMC University of Applied Sciences

Association for Ethno Music Therapy in collaboration

with the IMC, University of Krems, Austria


World Congress Organizer

Dr. Gerhard Tucek

Stay informed and visit

10. World Congress of Music Therapy

Oxford, UK

Download: Proceedings, Oxford, UK (2002)

9. World Congress of Music Therapy

Washington, D.C. 1999

Download: Proceedings, Washington D.C., USA (1999)

7. World Congress of Music Therapy

Vitoria, Spain 1993

Download: Proceedings, Vitoria, Spain (1993)

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WFMT World Congress Scholarships

for Students

This prestigious scholarship award is offered to undergraduate and graduate music therapy students and interns who are active members of their student organizations in their countries and have an interest in global music therapy and the work of WFMT. We received 30 applications from 10 countries this year.


Congratulations to the 2014 Award Recipients

      Annabelle Brault (Canada)

      Sarah Carney (USA)

      Dawn Chik (USA)

      Laura Cribb (USA)

       Talia Girton  (USA)

      Monica Subiantoro (UK) 

      Claudia Zindel (Switzerland)

WFMT Student Scholarship Committee

Dr. Petra Kern (Past President, Administration of the Award)

Dr. Annie Heiderscheit (Interim President)

Jen Spivey (Secretary/Treasurer)

Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes (Chair, Clinical Practice Commission)

Calling for Hosting a World Congress

2017 & 2020

All current WFMT full organizational members are eligible to submit a congress proposal. World Congresses are held in metropolitan cities that are easy accessible from major airports. Should you consider hosting one of the two forthcoming WFMT World Congresses, please follow the steps below. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for your organization and bring positive attention and awareness of music therapy to your country.

Step 1:    Submit a Letter of Intent.

               Timeline: Immediately

Step 2:    Develop a proposal in accordance with the WFMT Bylaws and submit it to

                Timeline: June 30, 2013

Step 3:    The Council will review your full proposal and contact you to clarify open questions.

                Timeline: August 31, 2013

Step 4:    You might be invited to present your proposal in person to the Council and WFMT Membership

                Timeline: December 31, 2013

Step 5:    The Council will make a decision and inform you.

                Timeline: July 7, 2014

  1. Seven free world congress registration packages for

  2. students sponsored by WFMT.